Sharon Cuartero | About
A Childhood Passion

Sharon’s love for photography began in childhood.  She remembers toting around her Kodak film camera taking candid pictures of her family and friends.  Perhaps the hardest part of taking pictures back then was packaging the rolls of film, sending them off to the lab and often waiting several weeks for the prints to arrive in the mail. 

Sharon’s interest in digital photography grew unexpectedly when she was asked to take photographs at a local preschool for a fundraising project.  She says observing children at play really opened her eyes in terms of how we relate to ourselves and to each other and how lucky we are to have a tool that can capture those special candid, unscripted moments in life.

Photography has enabled Sharon to combine her technical skills with her love for nature, wildlife, animals, and people.  As an avid hiker and traveler, she enjoys the challenge of carting around her photography equipment everywhere.  She believes having a camera on hand at all times increases the odds of taking photos that can help people care about themselves, others, and the world around them.  

Seeking A Different Path

When Sharon first entered the photography world, she assumed that her professional success as an artist would be achieved by opening a portrait or fine art business, perhaps because several of her mentors that she looked to for guidance and inspiration owned one.  Two years later with great sadness and frustration, she was ready to put down her camera down for good.  While her passion for taking photos had not waned, she knew deep down that these types of businesses were not meant for her.  

Sharon decided to take a year-plus long hiatus to re-evaluate what she really wanted to do and explore different avenues that would be more inline with her goal of helping others.  She has since picked up her camera and moved forward with the intention of serving her community through photography.  Her particular areas of interest are conservation, animal rescue, education, and families.  

Who She Works With

Sharon collaborates with charitable organizations seeking a professional photography, videography, or digital artist resource.  She also offers portrait photography services to families or individuals facing hardship or special circumstances.  

Sharon is also an image contributor for various stock agencies including Shutterstock and iStock by Getty Images.